Faculty Profile

Dr. Huma Amir

Chairperson, Dept of Marketing, Assistant Professor & Senior Research Fellow (CBER))
PhD (Marketing) Warwick Business School
University of Warwick, UK
MBA, IBA, Karachi


  • Areas of interest: International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Social Research Methods

  • 15 year of teaching experience at IBA

  • Areas of interest include Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Women Entrepreneurship Development



: hamir at iba.edu.pk
: 381041000-01 X: 2631



1. Advance & Applied Business Research


  1. Amir, H. (2013), “Exploratory Research on the Effects of Retailer Power, Price Demands, and Importer Opportunism on Importer-Exporter Relationship Quality”, Proceedings of the 2013 International Marketing Trends Conference, (January) ESCP Europe, Paris, France.
  2. Amir, H. (2012), “Importer Opportunism: The Effect of Retailer Power and Price Demands on Importer-Exporter Relationship Quality”, Proceedings of the 2012 ISBM Academic Conference, (August) Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM), Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  3. Amir, H. (2012), “Social Media Marketing: Its Impact and Usage by Young Adults in Pakistan”, Proceedings of the LCBR European Marketing Conference 2012, (August) Lupcon Center for Business Research, Munich, Germany.
  4. Amir, H. (2012), “Telemedicine: Its Acceptance and Adoption by Medical Professionals in Pakistan”, presented at The 34th INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, (June), Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  5. Amir, H. (2012), “Introduction to Research Methods”, Lecture at the workshop, Training on Monitoring & Evaluation for Operational Executives, organized by ASP-LUMS, Lahore University of Management Sciences.
  6. Amir, H. (2006), “An Exploration into the Dyadic Relationships between UK Importers and Pakistani Exporters”, Proceedings of the 6th EURAM Annual Doctoral Colloquium, European Academy of Management, (May) Oslo, Norway.

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  1. Amir, H. and Melewar, T.C. (2006) “UK Retailers’ Perceptions of Manufacturers from LDC’s with Negative Country Image: Search for Survival Strategies in a Post-WTO Era”, Proceedings of the 28th INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, (June) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
  2. Amir, H. and Melewar, T.C. (2006), “UK Retailers’ Selection Criteria for Manufacturers from Developing/Less Developed Countries with Negative Country Image: A Conceptual Framework” Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing, AM2006, (July) London, UK.


  1. On the Use of Social Media as a Tool for Marketing and Sales to Young Adults of Pakistan.

  2. Medical Professionals’ Perceptions of the Usability of Telemedicine and its Viability in Karachi.

  3. Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace and the Glass Ceiling.

  4. Pricing Policies followed by the Cement Industry of Pakistan.

  5. Consumer Profile of Air-Conditioner Users in Pakistan.

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  1. A Study of Marketing Management Strategies of General Tire and Rubber Company of Pakistan.

  2. Consumer Preference of Toothpaste Users in Pakistan.

  3. Study of Sales Management Practices in National Computers.