Research Support at Libraries


IBA Libraries support teaching, learning and research by developing and promoting systems that are useful in enhancing access to related information, introducing innovative services and acquiring knowledge resources that could encourage synthesization of thoughts and knowledge, thus contributing to transfer of knowledge worldwide.

Libraries house over 50,000 volumes on subjects that are directly related to the academic programs being offered at IBA e.g. business, economics, management, marketing, finance, computer sciences and other related areas of interest. To keep its learning communities abreast of cutting-edge concepts, libraries also subscribe to over 55 international and local journals and newspapers. Libraries at both campuses are regularly updated with latest learning materials like books, case-studies, online resources (e-books and e-journals).

To facilitate indigenous research related to different sector of economy in local context, the acquisition of classified sources of information e.g. annual reports of stock listed companies, research published by educational institutions, international & local research organizations, and government agencies are the core of our collection services activity.

On-site and remote access to rich collection of multidisciplinary online resources and digital databases consisting of e-books, e-journals, case studies, and industry related research/analysis reports is one of the premier services that we offer to our learning communities. Currently, library subscribes to around 20 e-databases that provide access to around 10000 e-journals and 50000 e-books. Some of the key resources are listed:

1. EBSCOhost: Business Source Complete, Academic Search Premier, and EconLit with full text, three essential databases through this single interface:
2. World Advertising Research Centre [WARC]
3. Emerald
4. Wiley-Blackwell Journals
5. Taylor & Francis Journals
6. Springer Link r Link
7. Cambridge Journals
8. Project Musee
9. Edinburgh University Press Press
10.Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
11.University of Chicago Press
12.Duke University Press Journals
13.Beech Tree Publishing
14.Association of Computing Machinery
15.Pakistan Law Site
17.World Bank e-Library
18.IMF eLibrary
19.McGraw Hill Access Engineering
20.McGraw-Hills Access Science

Libraries strive to conceptualize and offer a host of information services to the members of its research community. The on-site library collections are searchable through online public access catalogue, a Library Management System that enables researcher to explore the learning materials, easily and efficiently.

To further strengthen our relationship with researchers and scholars, library conducts brief orientation as well as detailed hands-on-sessions on following themes:

1. Use of E-Resources for Teaching and Research
2. Information Handling Skills (subject focused)
3. Citing and Referencing Software (Endnote)
4. Use of Turnitin (anti-plagiarism resource)

Additionally we offer specialized services that are designed keeping in view the needs of our researcher:

1. Research Literature searching – to help researchers explore existing literature (articles, working papers etc.) on subjects of their choice/interest.

2. Document Delivery Services – the requested research articles that are not available locally are supplied through British Library Document Supply Centre (UK).

Both Main and City Campus libraries are currently being reconstructed and remodeled. The Main Campus library is scheduled to be operational in Fall 2013. Once completed, it will be an state-of-the-art facility, pivotal in supporting overall learning environment to cater to the needs of 21st century scholars.

Further details/information/updates, keep visiting library website