Faculty Profile

Dr. Asma Hyder

Associate Professor

  • Post Doc , University of Pennsylvania - 2011
  • PhD (Labor Economist), National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan & Sussex University - 2007
  • MPhil (Public- Private Wage Differentials in Pakistan), Quaid-I-Azam University - 1999
Area of Specialization: (Labor Economist)
Professional Activities:
On-board Status: Long Leave

Work Experience:

  • - Associate Professor at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Jan-2016 to PRESENT)
  • - Associate Professor at National University of Science & Technology (Jul-2014 to Jan-2016)
  • - Assistant Professor at Karachi School of Business and Leadership (Aug-2012 to Jul-2014)
  • - Assistant Professor (Courses Taught: Advanced Microeconomics (MPhil leading to PhD), Quantitative Methods and Economic Analysis (MBA), Managerial Economics, Application of Statistics in Social Sciences (BBA)) at National University of Science & Technology (May-2007 to Jul-2012)
  • - Research Fellow at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (Sep-2006 to Mar-2007)
  • - Lecturer Micro economics, Econometrics, Development economics (M.Phil and Masters Level) Conducted workshop for Micro economics, econometrics and research methods. at Allama Iqbal Open University (Jan-2000 to Dec-2005)



Research Interest

List to come

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  2. SARAH NASIR, Dr. Asma Hyder, Dr. Qazi Masood Ahmed "Governance and Happiness: Evidence From Citizens’ Perception in Pakistan", IBA Business Review, Dec 01, 2017, Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Ahmad Mujtaba Khan, Dr. Asma Hyder "The Statistical Value of Injury Risk in Pakistans Construction and Manufacturing Sectors", The Lahore Journal of Economics, Jul 03, 2017, Lahore, Pakistan
  4. Mina Zamand, Dr. Asma Hyder "Impact of Climatic Shocks on Child Human Capital: Evidence from Young Lives Data", Environmental Hazards: Human and Policy Dimensions, May 12, 2016
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