Faculty Profile

Dr. Amber Gul Rashid

Assistant Professor

  • PhD (Business Management), Salford University,Manchester - 2011
  • MSc (Computation), UMIST - 2001
  • BA (Business Studies), University of Sheffield - 2000
Area of Specialization: (Business Management)
Professional Activities:
On-board Status: Available

Work Experience:

  • - Director QEC at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Aug-2012 to May-2016)
  • - Assistant Professor at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Sep-2011 to PRESENT)
  • - Various Roles at Shell, Netherlands (Jan-2003 to Aug-2011)

: 111422422 (Ext.1610)


Research Interest

List to come

  1. Faryal Salman, Dr. Amber Gul Rashid "Home-Based Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan: An Exploratory Case Study", 1st IBA International Conference on Marketing, , Karachi, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Amber Gul Rashid, Obaid Usmani, Lalarukh Ejaz, Hasan Faraz "Meezan Bank: Category Leader in Islamic Banking", Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Sep 22, 2017
  3. Ala Zia, Dr. Amber Gul Rashid, Lalarukh Ejaz "Haseen Habib: 50 years in fire protection services", Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Apr 20, 2017
  4. Dr. Amber Gul Rashid "To Be Or Not To Be a Project Manager", HEC Montreal Case Catalogue, Nov 02, 2016, Montreal, Canada
  5. Lalarukh Ejaz, Mine Karatas-ozkan, Vadim Grinevich, Dr. Amber Gul Rashid "Informal Entrepreneurship, Pakistani Women And Extreme Institutional Voids - A Research Agenda", EURAM 2016, Jun 03, 2016, Paris, France
  6. Farah Naz Baig, Dr. Amber Gul Rashid "Baker Street", Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Jan 31, 2016
  7. Lalarukh Ejaz, Dr. Amber Gul Rashid, Dr. Khadija Malik Bari "The Express Tribune: Touching the Tricky Price Point", Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Aug 12, 2015
  8. Dr. Amber Gul Rashid "Coherent, Long Term Plan could Better the Education System of Pakistan; Interview", Pakistan & Gulf Economist, Apr 27, 2015, Pakistan
  9. Dr. Amber Gul Rashid, Sharmain Zain Haroon, Amna Nasir "One Agricultural Family’s Story", Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Mar 01, 2014
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