Faculty Profile

Dr. Nausheen Hafeeza Anwar

Associate Professor

  • PhD (City & Regional Planning), Columbia UniversityNew York, USA - 2008
  • MA (International Policy Analysis & Public Management), Columbia University - 1992
  • BA (Political Science), City University, New York - 1985
Area of Specialization: (City & Regional Planning)
Professional Activities:
On-board Status: Available

Work Experience:

  • - Associate Professor, City & Regional Planning at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Mar-2016 to PRESENT)
  • - Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore, at Asia Research Institute, National University (Aug-2012 to Jul-2014)
  • - Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Feb-2011 to Mar-2016)
  • - Guest Lecturer, Department of Architecture & Planning, at NED Karachi (Jan-2011 to Apr-2011)
  • - Guest Lecturer at Aga Khan University (Dec-2010 to Jan-2011)
  • - Academic Advisor, Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi at Virtual Education Project Pakistan (VEPP), H.E.J (Oct-2010 to Jan-2011)
  • - Postdoctoral Fellow South Asia Initiative at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA (Sep-2008 to Aug-2009)
  • - Teaching Assistant School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University (Sep-1991 to Dec-1991)

Membership & Affiliations:
  • - MEMBER, Regional Studies Association
  • - AFFILIATE, Sloan Ind. Studies program
  • - MEMBER, American Inst of Pak Studies
  • - MEMBER, American Planning Association
  • - MEMBER, Assoc American Geographers
  • - MEMBER, Association of Asian Studies

Honors & Awards:
  • - Co-PI –, Project Grant awarded by United States Institute for Peace (USIP) for USD $25,000 project: Media, ‘Everyday’ Cinema, & the Meaning of Public Space in Urban Asia. July 2013.
  • - Principal Investigator:, Grant awarded by Asia Research Institute for SGD $25,000 for project: Violence, Insurgencies, Deceptions: Conceptualizing Urban Life in South Asia, November 2013.
  • - Principal Investigator-, Project Grant awarded by International Development Research Council (IDRC) for CAD $500,000 project: Gender and Violence in Urban Pakistan June 2013.
  • - HEC Travel Grant,, Annual South Asia Conference October 2011, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  • - AAS Travel Grant,, Association for Asian Studies (AAS) March-April 2011, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
  • - AIPS Travel Grant,, American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), March-April 2009.
  • - Departmental Research Grant for, Doctoral Candidates, Columbia University, 2005-2007
  • - Principal Investigator -, Faculty Research Grant awarded by Harvard University for USD $5000 for project Migration and Citizenship in Pakistan. April 2009.
  • - Departmental Tuition Fellowship,, Columbia University, 2005- 2007
  • - Deans’ Fellowship, SIPA,, Columbia University, 1990
  • - Teaching Assistant Fellowship, SIPA,, Columbia University, 1991
  • - Principal Investigator -, Research Grant awarded by Asia Research Institute for SGD $5000 for project: Mera Karachi Mobile Cinema. March 2013.

: 111422422 (Ext.2648)


Research Interest

List to come

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  6. Dr. Nausheen Hafeeza Anwar "‘The Bengali Can Return to His Desh but the Burmi Can’t Because He Has No Desh’: Dilemmas of Desire and Belonging amongst the Burmese-Rohingya and Bangladeshi Migrants in Pakistan", in Baas M. (Ed.) Transnational Migration and Asia: THE QUESTION OF RETURN, Jul 01, 2015, Netherlands Antilles
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